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At Apache Steel Works, we offer more than simply steel plate drilling services in Houston. We are your dependable partner, dedicated to complete client satisfaction. We go above and beyond using a "CAN DO" mentality to successfully achieve our company's goals.As the leading supplier of sheet metal plate drilling in Houston, Apache Steel Works stands out for its many years of experience, precise team, and constant commitment to integrity.

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Precision Plate Drilling in Houston Like No Other

At Apache Steel Works, we know how important accuracy is in precision plate drilling. Our team places a strong emphasis on delivering drilling services that meet the highest standards of precision in Houston. With modern technology and a skilled team, we ensure that every project is executed with extreme care and attention to detail.

Our Facility

Working in a 32,000 SF fabrication shop on approximately 2.58 acres of stabilized and fenced land, our facility is equipped with 2 overhead cranes (20 TON - 20' hook height) and a 1,600 SF office building.

For inquiries about our steel plate drilling services in Houston or any other services, please contact us. At Apache Steel Works, we are committed to excellence and look forward to meeting your unique needs.

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Excellent Customer Service: We stand out for our dedication to providing outstanding customer service through open communication, flexibility, and responsibility.

Quick Turnaround: We are proud to offer the fastest turnaround times in the business; most orders are finished in two to three days after a purchase order is received.

Excellent Quality: Every project is guaranteed to be of the highest caliber thanks to our AutoCAD use, parts, and equipment.

Competitive Prices: We provide extremely affordable rates without compromising the standard of our work.

Our Services

In our 32,000 SF fabrication shop, we offer a "ONE-STOP-SHOP" concept for various services, including:

Plate Processing: Handling carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and alloys with precision.

Flame Cutting: Using oxyfuel machines to cut steel plates into custom shapes, up to 14” thick.

HD Plasma Cutting: Cutting up to 2” thick material for optimum quality.

Machining: Handling jobs of almost any size with extensive experience in manufacturing quality parts.

Additional Services: Forming, rolling, grinding, beveling, and more.

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